Below are the answers to some frequently asked questions.  Should you have more questions, shoot us an email Emily@KennedyOccasions.com


Q: What makes your work different from other wedding planners?

A: I love personal details and sentimental touches and choose event designs that do not automatically “date” your wedding. Nashville has so many talented wedding professionals and among those, outstanding wedding planners. I am proud to be a part of a professional organization (Nashville Wedding Planners Group) that allows us to work together and support each other in our businesses. Our design styles and areas of expertise differ, but if you are a couple wanting an elegant, timeless, personal affair, I’m your girl.


Q: Can we meet with you more than the 4 times you have described in your planning services?

A: My goal, as your planner, is to give you the chance to enjoy your engagement and plan the elements of your wedding that are most important to you. I strive to give you the gift of time and allow you to live your life without being bogged down in spreadsheets, contracts and timelines. However, if you feel that additional appointments will alleviate wedding planning stress, they can certainly be factored in to your collection of services.


Q: Will I be planning my wedding with you, or someone else?

A: You will be planning your wedding with me! I love to dive in and get to know your personal style and although some tasks may fall into the hands of my assistant, I will be your contact and wedding planner.


Q: Do you have a list of preferred vendors that you work with?

A: I do! With many years of planning experience, I have curated my “Top Vendor List” and love to work with those vendors. However, that does not mean that you have to love them or work with them. If you have found vendors that you love and are excited about, let’s check it out! No two weddings are alike and that means that no two vendor teams are alike. I love to meet new vendors and am constantly updating my contacts and making new vendor friends.


Q: What if I have an awesome wedding planner, but I must have your floral designs as part of my wedding?

A: Yes! As much as I love to plan and style a wedding, I adore creating romantic floral designs. Although planning + styling + florals is the winning combination, we love to work with couples in a flower-only capacity. Let’s talk about flowers!


Q: We love you! How do we get started?

A: Gosh, you’re too sweet! Let’s chat! We will schedule an initial consultation via phone/Skype/Facetime or over coffee and discuss your wedding plans. If we are a good fit, a copy of the signed contract returned with your 50% retainer will secure your date. The fun begins!


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