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Kennedy Occasions is a wedding planning & floral design studio based in Nashville, TN. I plan & design weddings so that your life-changing occasion can be nothing short of spectacular - well planned, timelessly designed, & flawlessly executed.

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I start every year with a list of changes I want to make or things I want to improve upon.  Being a creative is hard. Owning a small business is hard. Trying to juggle that and a full time legal-field job is hard.  Trying to juggle it all? Sometimes I sink.  But, I started 2015 off on a mission and I’m making changes right and left!

One big thing on my list for 2015 = blogging and online presence.  I love to peruse (read: stalk) Instagram and Fbook and get carried away in pretty blogs and websites.  Sometimes the “comparisonitis” overwhelms me, but I know I’m not alone in that feeling.  I don’t know that anything I have to say on my blog is all that influential or life-changing, but I want to be in that group of beautiful online presences: the group of creatives whose websites and blogs are just dreamy and distinctively representative of their style, both professionally and personally.

So, some words that came to mind as I was choosing a theme/shopping options:

Clean – I shower A LOT.  And I don’t like clutter.  And I can’t wear ANYTHING more than once without washing it.  I think a little design goes a long way and over-doing can confuse and sometimes ruin a beautiful event/day/wedding.

– Organized – Look at those brackets?!  And how well spaced and structured this beauty is?!  And I’m a bit compulsive.  MUST HAVE PLANNER ALWAYS and I speak in ‘timeline’.

Tailored – Structured (Think Jacquelyn Kennedy).  Symmetrical.  “Put together”, which is how my sweet planner friend Emily often describes my everyday style.  I don’t leave the house without putting on makeup, can’t bring myself to wear leggings and prefer a classic style over anything trendy.

Classic/Timeless – I wanted something that could grow with me.  A template that wasn’t uber trendy and/or go out of style.  I wanted something to be proud of and that showcased my floral work, beautiful couples, vendor teams and overall design.


Enter, The Liv Shop.  I found these ladies from an incredible creative’s IG post and did some perusing. (I really like that word).  I knew it when I landed in their shop.  I talked about it for weeks.  I knew that I needed them to revamp this tired old thing and man, did they.  I could hardly contain my excitement as I opened my new site!  I can’t thank these sweet ladies enough for their talent and wisdom and eagerness to aid me in this mission!

What do you think guys? Did they nail it or what?!


  1. Meagan says:

    Love, love LOVE!! Its so you! 🙂


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