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Kennedy Occasions is a wedding planning & floral design studio based in Nashville, TN. I plan & design weddings so that your life-changing occasion can be nothing short of spectacular - well planned, timelessly designed, & flawlessly executed.

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Where did 2015 go?  How is it already January of 2016?  What happened to all the time I would have during the off-season?  Am I drowning?

Diving into 2016 has been scary. With a rebrand on the horizon, a new website in the works and a total overhaul of my pricing structure, I feel like everything has been flipped on its head.  I’ve spent days catching up on blogging, sorting through images, awaiting final revisions to my logo and trying with all my might to find the words for the new website.  With these major changes headed down the pike, I’ve made a list of resolutions/goals/plans for this new season.  Making them visible will help keep me accountable!

  • Keep up with the dang blog.  I want to post once a week.  That will require a LOT of prep work and pre-blogging before the spring wedding season kicks in, but I really want to keep the content fresh on the blog, as the new website has a certain aesthetic that not all of my events/floral creations will fit into.
  • HUGE brand relaunch.  New logo.  New website.  New pricing structure.  I want custom paper goods and treats and to mail out gift boxes, combining my pride in my new look with my love of gift-giving. Win, win!  (Who wants one?!)
  • Say ‘no’; to those couples who aren’t a good fit and to those projects that suck my time.
  • Find triggers – what frustrates me?  What excites me?  Harness and categorize.
  • Delegate.  My assistant Katt is a lifesaver.  I’m hoping that 2016 will prove a perfect time to transition her to lead planner with Kennedy Occasions.  This would be such a blessing and something we are both excited about.
  • Thank you notes.  I used to be SO GOOD about sending thank you notes to my vendor teams at the end of each event and somewhere along the way, I’ve stopped setting aside the time to do that.  I loved it and I will start again in 2016.
  • Office hours.  This is by far the hardest.  With a crazy life schedule, staying on task is difficult but I have to learn to make my time count, to get work done when I’m able and to work a little every day before it consumes me in the end.
  • Patience. With family, friends, coworkers and clients.  Although not at all my strong-point, some challenges in 2015 have led me to a realization: not everyone thinks, responds or acts as I would. Give grace. We are all muddling through this life as best we can.
  • Flower workspace – this is in the works and I can hardly contain my excitement!
  • Make healthier choices.  I’ve been anxious to try yoga and think that the meditation/reflective part of that activity could really benefit me.
  • Let it go.  Let go of the frustration, avoid the ‘comparison game’ and blaze my own trail.  Easier said than done, huh?

2015 was hard. Sometimes you just have those seasons; the ones that challenge friendships and beliefs and altar your feelings.  Sometimes your whole outlook on business and relationships is turned upside down and you don’t know where to turn.  I’ve been dealing with some of those things as I reevaluate and make plans for KO and work towards a less-stressful existence. But, 2015 also had some great moments and events.  As I gear up for the new year and the start of my wedding season (Jan 16!), I wanted to revisit and reminisce…

  • Amy Osaba workshop with my sweet friend Deedie.  Starting the year off with flower-learning was incredible.
  • Ski trip/sis time/flower learning with Ashley Beyer in Salt Lake City
  • Starting the rebrand process with Megan Martin Creative
  • My first year with several “floral-only” clients, validating my niche in servicing both planning and floral design clientele
  • Helping several incredible flower friends in Asheville, NC, including Deedie and Ashley
  • My sweet assistant, Katt, was married
  • Beautiful photo shoot for my new branding and website with Megan McGee – I’ll post more after website launches!
  • Purchased a walk-in flower cooler! (Thanks Hilary!)
  • My first successful double-header wedding weekend (posts coming soon!), made possible with the help of my little sister, who flew in from SLC!
  • Hawaii with my parents – should I blog this?
  • Running around Seattle with Ashley for BloomBash.  Oreo gelato!
  • My first floral freelance experience with the talented Holly Carlisle
  • My second printed wedding feature
  • Two beautiful inspiration shoots, successfully submitted and accepted with features coming soon.  These were exactly what I needed, exactly when I needed them.  The chance to be creative and design something in my style with no requirements or restrictions was mind-blowing.
  • I taught my first class!  A secret goal of mine for so long, this wreath-making class was such a great experience!  I can’t wait to make it an annual tradition.
  • 16 weddings.  Each beautiful and unique and learning experiences.  I’m always so grateful for those couples who trust me with their day.

Goodbye 2015.  2016, I’m coming for you!


  1. Amy Cherry says:

    You’ve got this! Excited for you and excited to see your new brand!


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