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Kennedy Occasions is a wedding planning & floral design studio based in Nashville, TN. I plan & design weddings so that your life-changing occasion can be nothing short of spectacular - well planned, timelessly designed, & flawlessly executed.

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I could hardly believe my luck when Kelly Perry took me up on my offer to help with her workshop this year!  I offered to clean buckets or haul flowers or cook meals: whatever needed to be done to ensure this year was as incredible for its attendants as last year was for me.

Kelly had different plans for me.  I was FULLY prepared to be covered in flower guts, while the attendants made spectacular creations under the tutelage of Kelly, Ashley Beyer and Holly Carlisle.  Instead, I was given the chance to create my own beautiful creation, which was such an unexpected surprise!  I literally walked in the door, after 5 hours of exhausting travel, into a room that took my breath away.  She had lined the center of the room with more buckets of blooms than I had ever seen.  We were given free reign to pick and choose the blooms we wanted and to create an arrangement to be displayed throughout the workshop.  I was almost tearful as I realized that while I was going to be working, I was going to be able to play a little, too! AND, sweet Heather Payne was there to photograph our creations!


I didn’t even know where to start!  At first, I picked up some of the most gorgeous dark pink garden roses and paired with some pale pink and ivory blooms.  Although it took me a while, I realized this was almost the SAME color palette I had chosen last year!  I put those back and regrouped.

I was pretty fresh off my one-on-one tutorial with Ashley Beyer and decided to put my new skills to the test.  With some suggestions from Ashley and after spending WAY TOO LONG choosing blooms, I created something I am really proud of!  Working with chocolate scabiosa, Rose Story Farms garden roses, several varieties of fritillaria, hellebores, viburnum and foxglove, I created this:

Kelly Perry Philosophy Flowers Team Flower workshop Kennedy Occasions

I was surrounded by talent.  In every corner of the room, beautiful things were being created.  To see all of “The Help’s” creations, check out the feature from Weddings Unveiled!

Kelly Perry Philosophy Flowers Team Flower workshop Kennedy Occasions

(Even the back of the arrangement was pretty!) 🙂


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